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Physis Environnement is a team of multidisciplinary professionals qualified and dynamic working in the environmental field for more than twenty years (chemist, biologist, water purification technician, environmental master).

The Physis Environnement's team is proud to be the regional winner of the Quebec Entrepreneurship Contest in 2008.

Our commitment to providing quality and efficient services while guaranteeing competitive prices makes Physis Environnement a wise and responsible choice.

A full range of services

Physis Environnement distinguishes itself by its concern for quality and rigor while offering a personalized service adapted to the needs of its customers.


Environmental policy

The Physis Environnement team is proud to present its environmental policy whose principles will allow to effectively communicate to its staff, its partners and its customers, the requirements and the rigor to which it is committed in order to protect the environment.

The primary purpose of the company is the satisfaction of our customers. In addition, being an environmental company, it is our duty to set an example by promoting and adopting, wherever possible, prevention and environmental protection behaviors.

Our principles are:
  • Promote a vision of sustainable development where our present needs do not compromise the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.
  • Seek and promote environmentally friendly solutions, actions and behaviors at all times and in all places.
  • Choose business partners who support our vision.
  • Strictly comply with the regulatory requirements to which we are subject.
  • Commit to the continuous improvement of our environmental practices, both internally and externally through expertise and services.

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