Contaminated Site remediation

Contaminated Site remediation
When soils and/or groundwater is contaminated beyond the maximum permitted values, environmental remediation may be required.

Among the management measures proposed by the Quebec Ministry of the Environment and the Fight Against Climate Change (MELCC), the decontamination to the value of the generic criteria (value of the appendices of the RPRT) is often applied. To do this, two types of intervention are possible:

• Excavation and disposal of contaminated soils to a recovery, treatment or landfill site authorized by the MELCC (ex-situ method).
• Treatment of contaminated soils and groundwater by injection (in-situ method).

The choice of the method will be made considering several factors including the cost of each method, the presence of structures and infrastructures, the accessibility of the Site, the time constraints, the dimensions of the Site, the contaminated soil volume, the type of soil, the type of contaminant and the technologies available.

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